Friday, 5 May 2017

Summer Term Communication Letter

Dear Parents/ Carers of Year 5 Pupils,

Welcome back! We hope you are well rested and ready for an action-packed term! We have already started this busy term with a fantastic week of ‘Bikeability Training’.

Summer Term Curriculum

Here is an outline of some of the areas of learning that we will be covering in class this term. 

Measure (time, volume, distance, perimeter and area)
Geometry (angles, reflections and translations, 3D shapes)
Problem solving
Word Play Poetry
Biographies and Autobiographies
Stories from a different point of view
Living things and their habitats
Who is Jesus? What do people believe about him?
Programming (STEMworks Computer Programming Workshop Day – 15th May)
Analyse and evaluate data
Rounders and Cricket
Swimming (after half term)
(History, geog, art, D.T.)
Mysterious Remains

How you can help at home

Homework – Please note change of day
Year 5 children will continue to receive one English and one Maths homework weekly. However, as a change from last term, we will ask for Maths homework to be handed in on Tuesdays and English homework to be handed in on Wednesdays. We will set some MyMaths homework tasks as part of the Maths bubble homework. If you do not have access to the internet at home children are welcome to use laptops at school to complete these tasks during Friday lunchtimes.
If your child has any trouble with homework, all they need do is come and ask us (where possible before the due date).  It is also appreciated if you could help encourage children to take responsibility for their own homework. Each homework should take half an hour. If your child does not complete the task within this time, please sign it at the bottom, to let us know they have spent half an hour working on the task.
In addition, the children will continue to learn a spelling rule each week. They will receive a list of spellings that follow this rule every Monday and will need to learn these for a weekly spelling test on a Friday.
Please find attached to this letter the half termly spellings the children need to learn at home (and what they scored when tested on these spellings this week). These will not be taught in lessons and will be tested at the end of the half term. Thank you for your support with this – it makes a big difference.

Please continue to read regularly with your child. It is so important as children become more fluent with their reading that they understand what they have read. Please ask them questions about the characters and plot to check their understanding and encourage them to express their own opinions about a story/book. Please also encourage them to read aloud with appropriate intonation and expression, paying careful attention to punctuation marks used by the author.

Please could you check your child’s planner at the end of each week and sign the bottom of the page. Your child should take responsibility for asking you to check and sign it. The children will record their weekly spelling and times tables tests scores in their planners. We will collect the homework planners each Friday.

The children will have a P.E. session on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Sometimes our timetable has to change so P.E. kit should be in school each day please. It would be useful for the children to have both outdoor trainers and plimsolls (or clean trainers) as part of their kit so that we can use both the hall and outdoors.

Planners and reading books
Please have these in school each day. Thank you.

Enterprise Project
We are hoping to run an enterprise project later this term. More details to follow.

Please don’t hesitate to come and see us if you have any questions.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Michelle Parkin and Mrs Marika Hortop