Thursday, 29 June 2017

Budding Entrepreneurs!

Year 5 have been busy this half term with their enterprise project. They had to plan a ‘healthy’ activity, suitable for every child in the school to try on enterprise morning. With a budget of just £6, each group had to advertise and promote their activity, decide on a price to charge per go, source and buy their prizes and create their own score chart. On Wednesday 28th June, each class came to try out their activities. Great fun was had by all and the Year 5s were fantastic at explaining their activities and encouraging children to have a go and spend their money! They raised an amazing £181, half of which will go to their chosen charity ‘Cancer Research’ and the other half towards school equipment. Well done Year 5, we are so proud of your wonderful teamwork and all that you have learnt throughout this project!

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Acids and Alkalis

On Wednesday 14th June Mrs Madgwick, a Science teacher from the Cotswold School, came and did a very engaging and practical Science lesson with Year 5 on 'Acids and Alkalis'. Using indicator paper and a pH scale we investigated if 15 everyday household products (eg. shampoo, vinegar, milk) were acids or alkalis. It was a very enjoyable lesson and we learnt so much!